2. International Emanuel Lasker Blitz Tournament

Saturday, March 2nd, 2019, 6pm
MARITIM Hotel, Stauffenbergstr. 26, 10785 Berlin, Saal Berlin, Germany
Who may
Open Tournament with a maximum of 300 participants. The event is considered for FIDE-Blitz-Elo rating.
If the maximum of 300 participants is reached, further registrations will be recorded on a waiting list.
Time Control
3 minutes plus 2 seconds increment starting with move 1
8 rounds Swiss with two games per round with alternating colours against the same opponent.
The best two players qualify for the final. In case of equality after two games an “Armageddon game” will be played. The player leading after 8 rounds is entitled to choose the colour. White needs to win the game, Black wins the tournament in case of a draw. Time Control: 5 minutes for White and 4 minutes for Black, no increment.
Total Prize
6.000,00 €, guaranteed if 230 or more players participate
Ranks 1 to 10: 1.200,00 € / 900,00 € / 700,00 € / 500,00 € / 400,00 € / 300,00 € / 300,00 € / 200,00 € / 100,00 € / 100,00 €
Best female players: 300,00 € / 200,00 € / 100,00 €
Best players being a member in one of the clubs of the “Berliner Schachverband”: 200,00 € / 100,00 €
Best players with FIDE-Blitz-Elo < 2000: 150,00 € / 100,00 € – Players without FIDE-Blitz-Elo are not eligible
Players under age 20: 150,00 € / 100,00 €
No double prizes will be awarded

Only via the registration form on this site. The registration becomes effective only if within one week after registration (latest by February 28th, 2019) the entry fee of 18,00 € (players born in 2004 or later: 13,00 €) is paid to the following account: Schachfreunde Berlin (address of the club: Pfalzburger Str. 74, 10719 Berlin), IBAN: DE08 1007 0848 0632 0378 00, BIC: DEUTDEDB110 (address of the bank: Taunusanlage 12, 60325 Frankfurt am Main). Please mention your last name, first name and “Startgeld Blitzturnier” in the intended purpose of the transfer. No payment in cash at the venue accepted.

Players (f/m) being member of one of the teams participating in the “Schach-Bundesliga” or the “Frauen-Bundesliga” are exempted from the entry fee.

Players (f/m) who will miss round 1 will not be paired for round 2. There will be no attendance check before round 1.

Cancellations are possible via email to rainer.polzin@berlin.de until March 01st, 2019, 3pm. Only this timely cancellation will result in a refund of the entry fee, otherwise the entry fee will not be refunded.
Directly after the final game. Prize money is only handed out via bank transfer. No cash option. 25 % taxes are deducted from prizes for foreign players.
Review 2018
Here you can find a tournament report with final results of the 1st Emanuel Lasker Tournament in the year 2018.

Registration for the 2nd International Emanuel Lasker Blitz Tournament